Dia De Los Muertos Carpinteria Festival 2017

2018 Artist in Residence - Carlos Cuellar

 2017 Festival Artist in Residence - Emiliano Campobello

Supporting Artists, Musicians & Presenters -- Carlos Cuellar, Emilano Campobello, Lisa Thomas, Artists from Summer Solstice Celebration - Diane Stevenette, Robby Robbins, Riccardo Morrison, Gregory Beaman, Suzan Duval - Sara Wilcox, Budhi Harlow, students from Carpinteria Middle School & High School, Benjamin Aparicio of Kalpulli Huitzilin Ihuan Xochitl - Aztec Danza Group,  Alma De Mexico Santa Barbara - Director, Georgina Rodriguez, Comparza de Chinelos 805 - Director. Zonia Castillo, Dylan Schmidt and the Rhythum Souls, Buddhi Harlow.

Emiliano Campobello - Artist in Residence 2017

Emiliano Campobello (born Emiliano Campbell) is a Mexican-American "Chicano" artist raised and based in Santa Barbara, CA. The artist's path called to him as a small child, and he listened. “Every kid draws.. I never stopped” The call led him to study art intensely from grade school on, and continue to receive his B.A. (Cum Laude) in Art Studio at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Emiliano is a 5th generation Californian and a Santa Barbara local, who also draws on 12 years of artistic experience in Europe, where he trained in marble sculpting with his “maestro” Francesco Grazioli through the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, Italy. He  later worked alongside masters in the decorative arts in The Netherlands, where he further honed his skills as he operated his art business Artismo and worked as Lead Artist and Creative/Artistic Director for several large European décor and event companies. He returned to Santa Barbara, California in 2004, bringing this experience to his beloved hometown where Emiliano creates beautiful murals and harmonious spaces for resorts (The Coral Casino & The Montecito Country Club), spas, pediatricians offices, clinics, and of course, beautiful California homes.

As Emiliano Art & Design, Emiliano Campobello continues to spread the beauty through his creations and concepts. Emiliano Campobello creates harmonious, inspiring spaces with his murals by transforming walls, ceilings and floors with painted illusions. His work shows a stylistic & thematic flexibility developed through years of working on a vast variety of projects, while always embedding them with his own unique flavor.  In 2012 he was commissioned to apply 12k gold-leaf to the domes throughout the lobby of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, and he recently painted ethereal skies in the domes of the new Cottage Children's Hospital. His depth of technical knowledge combines with an “Old-World” sensitivity and his unique visionary “edge” that he brings to every project. Realistic painted faux-wood, marble and other textures (often 3-D) complement the illusions he creates. He combines his sculptural love of form and light with a passion for the brushstroke. His work comes from a place of loving creation and is meant to engage and bring peace to all who encounter it.

“I approach mural painting as a fine art, a sacred and ancient art form. The oldest known art was painted on the walls of caves, most likely as a connection to Spirit and as a ceremonial prayer.. from a time when “art” was not separated from the divine, but a connection to it. My murals have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and my intention is to support their well-being and bring peace and passion to their lives.” 

Each project is approached as a unique opportunity to create that “special something” specifically designed for that particular client or space. Although there is great variation in the projects stylistically, there is a constant dedication to quality and creative expression. His work defies containment in a style or a box, rather, it opens the box to the possibilities beyond. In his fine art paintings, he finds the freedom to express his heritage, as seen in there works from his series “Mexicanismo”. Emiliano explores his rich cultural background in these paintings, ranging in subject from Dia De Los Muertos, to Frida Kahlo, to Meso-American dieties.

Artist in Residence- Carlos Cuellar

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